Punch Da Clock Productions Presents Bonnette Da Bandit

4-Lyfe LLC is a jack a many trades....see what I have to offer.....maybe  just maybe you will find some useful info for your everyday life! I have my music on here 4SALE.

Bonnette youtube

Punch Da Clock Productions (P.D.C.) is all about the work a person puts in on  projects. Regardless if you love what you do or not it still takes a certain amount of work, and know how. I could careless about what he likes, she likes, or what they like, for me its about feeling good about the work I put in. Ive been at this music making thing for quite a while and Ive only got this far; Im still very much proud of me!

I started out writing verses at the age of 15 with my homeboy, chasing the dream to escape poverty; now I rap to stay sane. I have fun with rap & get my point across. Music is an form of entertainment, so dont be sou uptight, I didnt invent any of these words. Its been a long time coming just to get my music on a cd. Ive been recording for many years; on & off at first, but now Im serious.  So enjoy my works. I try and touch different topics, but the beats might not be what yall is use to. Basically my style and beats are unique + Im showing you I can rap over anything & make it sound good.

I refuse to a person to mix and master music, I will perfect sure enough. With this way of thinking Ive lost valuable time. There is an upside to my being stubborn though; I do believe I have learned how to master my music using the tools I have available to me. My progress is hard to ignore!

Thank You 4 Your Time!